Basil in a tiny round basket

Friday April 15th – Pesticide spray in the afternoon

So you have decided to come to our greenhouse and you have been greeted by a nasty DO NOT ENTER sign on the door…What’s up with that!?!? Even though we use biological pest control for our plants there is the occasion that we have to rid a nasty outbreak of certain pests; although rare, we do have to use pesticides in order to do this (what a scary¬†word, eh? – Pesticide). I want to assure you that we are responsible with the chemical that we do use and when we do use them it is the absolute last resort. We try to use the latest and greatest chemicals that come to the market, these chemicals are less harmful to us and the friendly insects that we release onto the crop to help us keep the pesky bugs away. We are striving toward “growing organically” but we are not quite there yet.

We appreciate your understanding, and welcome any questions that you may have about how we grow our crops.

See you soon!!!

Matt Orr, Greenhouse supervisor