Temporarily empty


WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS even though our greenhouse is temporarily empty while we get it ready for the next crop. POINSETTIA’S will be coming in the beginning of August. In order to ensure their success, we need to start off with a clean slate, literally. We have emptied the greenhouse in order to sanitize it, all surfaces have been wiped down and disinfected. Once the Poinsettias come in from our local supplier, our summer students will pot them up. We will have 3000 6 inch, and 500 10 inch plants in a variety of colours, check back soon to see what new varieties we have!

We still have products to sell which are being stored outside at the moment. There are perennials, shrubs, trees, houseplants, herbs and vegetables available. We are still open and hope to see you soon to show you around. Come and take advantage of our vegetable basket program!

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