Basil the Greenhouse Cat

Meet Basil, the Greenhouse Cat! Our beloved cat Basil found his way to Niagara College by way of Jim Thomson. Jim saw this beautiful orange tabby cat wandering around his property and he decided that the Niagara College Greenhouse should have a cat.

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Basil joined the Niagara College staff in March 2003. The grounds and greenhouse have a lot of little creatures on the property and Jim thought that Basil could be our natural pest control, which he does very well in fact.

Now, 10 years later, Basil is not only loved by our Greenhouse staff, but by customers visiting the Greenhouse, students, and College staff. We all have adopted him as our own. He receives annual check-ups and lots of love and attention.

A Tale of One Kitty

Basil is our Niagara College cat
He adds spice to campus life.
Please do not feed him from your plate
He simply likes to visit you through the gate.
If he bothers you, please let us know,
His home is in our Greenhouse,
The staff will kindly ask him to go.

–┬áSarah Scott

Basil made himself comfortable from the start and he is allowed to roam the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus. To this end, we had Basil neutered. The reason for this was not to have him wander off and never return as well as control animal population.

He has become a member of the Greenhouse team and a celebrity at the College. Basil will continue his status here for many years to come.

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