Wash away winter!

Handmade soaps from Roots & Radicles

Handmade Soaps at Benchmarket

Wash away the winter with soaps from Roots and Radicles. A “home grown” company started by a graduate from our very own Horticulture program (Sarah McLeod). Sarah makes all of the soaps by hand, with all natural, plant based materials (which are listed on her labels).

Here are a couple of examples:

KELP! I need some – body! (clever right!) Ingredients are: Olive oil; Coconut oil; Palm oil, Hemp seed oil; Castor seed oil; distilled water; sodium hydroxide; lemongrass oil; lavender oil; rosemary oil; patchouli oil; rosemary leaf powder; kelp. 

Rose Clay Ingredients are: Rice bran oil; coconut oil; palm oil; Shea butter; sodium hydroxide; distilled water; Essential oils of: Rosewood; Sweet Orange; Lavender; Geranium; Kaolin Rose. White Clay; rose petals.

Rose Clay soap with rose petals on top. How romantic!!!

Pamper yourself or the ones you love with soaps from Roots and Radicles, their soothing ingredients are great for your senses and the environment!

What’s Growing at NC Greenhouse

Spring is in full force, gardens have been planted and you have enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors in your own little piece of paradise. If you haven’t don’t worry, we still have a great selection of annuals, perennials and nursery stock available. Our students have been busy growing and maintaining these plants for you until you are ready to come in and buy them.

Come in and have a look we have some great deals:

Gazania nc pot

  • 4″ annuals are selling for $2.75 each or 4 for $10.
  • 4″ perennials are still 5 for $10
  • 10″ hanging baskets are $10 each / Ivy Geranium and Fuchsia 10″
  • 12″ hanging baskets are 2 for $25 regular $16 each
  • Cell packs of annuals and vegetables are $10 per tray (48 plants)
  • Beautiful patio pots starting at $25
  • Great selection of Perennials and Nursery stock
    • Fruit trees and shade trees available
    • 1 gallon Stella d’ Oro daylily’s buy one get one free ($7 each)

20160601_140503 (1)


All the plants on sale here at the greenhouse have been grown, produced and cared for by students of our horticulture program. We would love for you to stop in and chat with our students, they are learning from some of the best. The main reason why we grow the crops that we do is, plain and simple, we like to show off; the students are proud of what they have been learning and they want to show you (the public) what they are capable of. We take great pride in what we do in the greenhouse and on our 70 acre campus. The plants produced in the greenhouse are also used on the grounds, in garden beds. We give our students every chance to learn and succeed, we appreciate your help in doing so. We look forward to showing you what we can do, see you soon!

You should also check out our very own college Brewery and Winery. Come and have lunch at our Benchmark restaurant.



On Sale!!!

6″ Regal Geraniums for $4.50 each!


Regal Geraniums are some of the showiest plants around, with their bright vivid flowers of pink, purple and burgundy and their clean crisp foliage, these Geraniums are great for containers, baskets, or as a border in your garden. They flower best cool temperatures, they like lots of light, fertilize every other week with low Nitrogen, dead head to encourage new flowers, bring in for the winter.

We have lots available…for now. At $4.50 (reg. $6.00) they will not last long so come and get them!

Mother’s Day

20160426_095444-COLLAGE (1)

Looking to get something for Mom on Mother’s Day? Nothing says thank you mom you’re the best like a beautiful perennial plant that comes back year after year spreading joy to all that see’s it. If you think that this is something that your mom would appreciate, well, we have a deal for you! Get 5, 4 inch perennials for only $10.00! The Niagara College Greenhouse students learned how to grow perennials this past winter, and they did well. We are now overstocked in a number of small plants that are looking for a home where they can grow and flourish. Stop by and grab some today along with a bottle or two of wine from the Teaching Winery and try some beer from the one and only Teaching Brewery, if you’re hungry we have the Benchmark restaurant on campus as well, really no need to go anywhere else!
See you soon!