Poinsettias are ready!

There is lots to choose from, here are a few varieties that we currently have in stock; Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Jester Red, Jester White, Tapestry, Winter Sun, Princettia Pink,  Mars Pink, Pink Splash, Red Glitter, and much more…

Student Grown Poinsettias

Our student grown Poinsettia crop has never looked better! Our greenhouse is a sea of red and white, with 3000 6″ and 500 10″ pots that our students have been growing since the beginning of August.

NC Greenhouse is open 7 days a week from 9-5

Christmas Eve Red is one of our main crops. It is just perfect, great colour and it creates a nice full plant that will last well after Christmas.










Here are our prices:

2.5″ (Mini) Poinsettia – $4.00

4″ (Small) Poinsettia – $4.50

6″  (Medium) Poinsettia – $7.99 ($1.00 from each purchase is donated to the United Way)

10″ (Large) Poinsettia – $17.99

We are happy to support the United Way. $1.00 from every 6″ pot is being donated directly to this great organization.
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