About Us

The Niagara College Teaching Greenhouse is an educational greenhouse serviced by students of Niagara College’s horticultural programs.

The Teaching Greenhouse is located at the Niagara College’s Daniel J. Patterson campus in picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The 125-acre campus is located in the heart of Canada’s expanding greenhouse industry and serves as a living lab for students, including Ontario’s largest training greenhouse, container and field nursery operations, and on-site greenhouse equipment. Students cultivate plants of many varieties year round that are sold to the public and used to beautify the campus. All plants are grown by students and all plant sale revenues are used to support the educational programs at Niagara College.

Our Programs

Greenhouse Technician

Woman watering flowers

Do you have a passion for science combined with a keen desire to work with, and for, nature? As a Greenhouse Technician graduate, you have a strong understanding of balanced plant environment, pest management technology and labour management policies and the ability to successfully manage greenhouse or nursery production.

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Horticultural Technician

Do you want to contribute to the growth and maintenance of a sustainable environment? As a Horticultural Technician graduate, you are focused on sustainable growing techniques, care and maintenance and committed to protecting biodiversity in nature.

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Landscape Technician

Do you enjoy working outdoors, have an eye for design, and want to improve your community’s landscape? As a Landscape Technician graduate, you are well-equipped to plan, design and develop beautiful and sustainable landscapes for residential and commercial clients.

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Landscape Horticulture Techniques

Are you interested in turning your green thumb and passion for gardening into a blooming career? As a Landscape Horticulture Techniques graduate, you are in high demand from a $7-billion industry with a growth rate of 14 per cent per year and a serious shortage of horticulturalists.

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